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How To Plant Anubias Nana: Care Guide – Planting, Growing


In western Africa, the Anubias Nana is a flowering plant found near river banks. In the wild, it is seldom seen growing completely buried in the environment; instead, it is more often found growing semi- or fully immersed on logs or large roots. For its thick, leather-like leaves, it's also known as "the plastic plant that grows."

In addition to being big, pointed and dark green, the leaves of this plant are arranged in low bunches. The leaf's central vein is clearly apparent, with diagonal lines going from the center to the leaf's periphery. How To Plant Anubias Nana

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Christmas Moss Care – Requirements For A Healthy Freshwater Moss Carpet


Christmas moss is among the most largely used aquatic species in aquarium husbandry. It can form an eye-catching carpet moss, adding a natural ecosystem look to your tank.

For a beginner, Christmas mosses may be challenging to plant and maintain. There will be issues arising during the process, which you’ll encounter when growing any aquatic moss.

Don’t worry! With our useful information about Christmas moss care, you’ll be able to keep a beautiful freshwater aquarium with confidence.

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How Fast Does Java Moss Grow? What A New Aquarist Should Know?


Of all freshwater aquatic plants, Java moss is well-known for its high availability and affordability. Java moss in aquariums is the dream of many avid aquarium keepers who adore a beautiful and healthy underwater forest.

However, many people may struggle to successfully cultivate Java moss because you have no idea how it grows and what to involve when planting it.

So, how fast does Java moss grow? Generally, the average growth rate of Java moss is pretty slow, and it greatly depends on light, water, and nutrients.

Today, we will get some insight into useful info about Java moss, its average growth rate, and basic Java moss care requirements.
Let’s dive into this article to get it clear!

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Five Best Aquarium Carpet Plants For Beginners And How To Grow

aquarium carpet plants for beginners

What are the best aquarium carpet plants for beginners? Carpet plants are aquarium plants that you can put in the gravel to create a beautiful green carpet in the fish tank. They're essential for making a grass effect in your aquarium.

Setting a carpet plant cover in the aquarium necessitates some equipment and adjustment. Moreover, if you are a beginner, choosing easy-to-care plants also plays a vital role.

This article will recommend some carpet plants that are simple to introduce to your tank. We also include some instructions to grow those plants properly.

Now, be ready to write down the best plants for aquascaping!

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