Do Betta Fish Need A Filter? The Most Popular Question About Bettas


A fish filter is an essential gadget for a balanced and fresh aquarium ecosystem. It essentially cleans the debris in the water, removes the built-up toxicity of nitrates and ammonia, and aerates the water so that your pets can breathe. Meanwhile, bettas can generally survive in a small bowl or tank without a special filtration system. … Read more

Penn Plax Cascade 1000: Top Rated Quietest Fish Tank Filters in 2022

Penn Plax Cascade 1000

Experienced aquarists know that one of the most significant disadvantages of canister filters is mechanical flaws and frequent maintenance to prevent clogging. However, they offer flexibility and can be used in saltwater or freshwater planted aquariums. It is essential to get a canister filter that is functional and efficient because it may make your aquarium … Read more

Best Undergravel Filter: What Type of Filter is Best for a Fish Tank

best undergravel filter

Maintaining substantial amounts of gravel is paramount to ensure a conducive environment for your fish as it acts as a biological and mechanical filtration medium – undergravel filter, in an aquarium set up.Also, the undergravel filtration system plays a vital role in ensuring the flourishing of any beneficial bacteria. Now, if you are out looking … Read more