Do Goldfish Need A Heater? Goldfish Temperature Guide

Goldfish are indigenous to the East, where there are various freshwater habitats, ranging from temperate to tropical conditions. They are, therefore, pretty hardy, which fosters their popularity among aquatic enthusiasts.

People have selectively bred the goldfish for years to generate fancy species with diverse colors, body shapes, and fin types. However, this diversification also led to the rising confusion about the ideal temperature for goldfish.

Many keepers believe the fish can withstand a broad range of temperatures, whereas others think they should set up a heater to keep the tank temperature under control.

Do goldfish need a heater? The answer mainly relies on the goldfish you raise. If you’re keeping regular goldfish, you don’t need to install a heater. But most fancy goldfish breeds will require the best aquarium heater to thrive.

What types of goldfish could do with a heater? What if the temperature is too hot or too cold? Let’s figure out the answer!


Do Goldfish Need A Heater?

Regular goldfish living outside barely need a tank heater. These creatures can survive in any temperature range as long as the water doesn’t fall under 39°F.

In winter, the fish go dormant during hibernation mode. They stop consuming nutrients and remain near the pond’s bottom, where the temperature is warmer.

Of course, it doesn’t mean you just leave the pond like that. It’s necessary to ensure a hole where oxygen can enter, and CO2 can leave through if your pond ice-freezes.

If you are willing to set up a heater in your pond, then the goldfish will surely appreciate it. While the animals can survive in cold environments, the pleasant temperature for goldfish is somewhere between 60°F and 70°F.

And please remember, this advice doesn’t go for fancy types of goldfish.
If you’re raising such sensitive special goldfish, it’s a brilliant idea to provide them with a water heater for fish tanks to help maintain a stable temperature.

The ideal fancy goldfish tank temperature is about 68-72°F. For the less gentle cousin breeds, the water shouldn’t go above 75°F.

So, if you put your goldfish tank in a relatively warm place with constant temperature, a heater is not a must even for vulnerable fancy goldfish.

However, if the temperatures tend to fluctuate towards colder, we advise you to install a heater so that the chilly water won’t harm your animals.

What Types of Goldfish Need A Heater?

As discussed, while the ordinary goldfish can thrive in cold parameters, the fancy goldfish temperature shouldn’t go too low or too high.

You’ll need to find the best aquarium heater for various sensitive goldfish, such as Butterfly, Froghead, Celestial Eye, and Tosakin. Particularly, the parameters should always remain between 60-70°F for the Japanese Tamasaba species.

Some breeds, like fantail goldfish, need a higher range of temperatures, from 75°F to 80°F. Keeping these species in low parameters will pose immune implications.

If you’re keeping Lionhead goldfish, you have to be immensely careful regarding tank water temperatures. This one is susceptible to illness when living in parameters below 60°F and above 75°F.

Another type of vulnerable fancy goldfish is Bubble Eyes. These creatures can’t grow in a small fishbowl as it requires temperatures of between 70°F and 80°F.

What If It’s Too Hot or Too Cold?


Unfavorable water temperatures have negative impacts on goldfish’s general health.

Water temperatures affect goldfish in a considerable way.

If the tank parameters fall below the ideal goldfish temperature range, you’ll notice your fish act lethargic, rarely move around, and cease to eat altogether.

When the environment gets unreasonably chilly, your pets’ metabolism will slow down considerably. This stagnance is not healthy as it could usually weaken the immune system, causing the fish to be more prone to diseases.

Besides, suddenly increased temperatures (above 75-80°F) would lead to goldfish temperature shock. The warmer the temperatures, the quicker the fish’s metabolism kicks in.

They will eat more, produce more waste, and grow abnormally faster than expected. Also, as the water gets hotter, you animals seem to be easier to stress out.

How Can You Test The Temperature?


A thermometer will help with keeping the tank water under control.

A thermometer comes in place with excellent assistance and handiness for the aquarium heater guide on testing the temperature. This tool helps test the actual temperatures of your tank.

A good-quality model will be exceedingly accurate and feature a reasonable range. It’s best to buy one with a measurement range of 50°F to 104°F.
Digital aquarium thermometers are one of the most widely used types of thermometers. They come with a convenient digital display, making it easy for goldfish owners to track the tank temperatures.

Most thermometers will present the parameter in either °F or ºC. You can choose between models with batteries or the ones with electrical plugs.

Also, some models offer an alarm technology, which will notify the keepers whenever the aquarium temperature falls out of the preset limit.

Another common type of thermometer is the floating model.

A huge aquascape will need more than one floating thermometer - quite an inconvenience for many beginners. Particularly, this kind is made of glass, so it’s pretty fragile and easy to break.


Goldfish, with all the simplicity, can be challenging to keep from time to time. Avid aquarists adore goldfish primarily due to their hardiness, though it’s sometimes confusing to answer the question, do goldfish need a heater?

In short, regular goldfish rarely need a heater, while fancy goldfish do require constant temperatures with the help of an aquarium heater.

A beautiful goldfish aquascape is an addition to your home’s peaceful view. You’re going to agree with us watching your fishy friends swim healthily and energetically is relaxing and somewhat a sense of achievement.

We’re glad that our info helps you take care of your pets more appropriately.

Thank you for reading!

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