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Everything You Need To Know About: How To Clean A Pond Without Draining It


Based on the owners’ interest and demand, it has a wide variety of pond shape and design. With a pond, your house might become fresh and attractive.
It is a simple process to install a pond after you can pick up a suitable location. But is it easy to clean a pond? And how to clean your pond without draining it?

There are several extra supporting devices in order to help you tidy your pond without removing the water inside. Each method would have some particular benefits and drawbacks.

Therefore, you should make sure that you know exactly about the situation of your pond. This would allow you to make a reasonable decision about which way you want to use.


Remove leaves from pond bottom

Even though leaves are from nature and somehow they might make your fish pond become more stunning, they can have a negative impact on it. Specifically, those fallen leaves will be able to pollute the water inside, then cause some serious problems for your pond fish. Thus, you have to remove all leaves out of your pond. Here’s some common methods you can consider:

Set up a pond netting cover: It is very convenient and simple for you in case you do not have much time to take care of your fish pond. All you need to do is to put a netting cover on the surface of your pond. Then, it will catch up all the leaves and prevent them from reaching the water. Today, there are different types of invisible pond netting cover so that your pond can still look like nature.

Install a pond skimmer: This tool offers you many choices of sizes and designs. If you have a large fish pond, it is highly recommended for you to select the basic box skimmers. This type has a huge capacity to collect a big amount of leaves on your pond. Besides, for small and medium ponds, you should consider a floating skimmer. Although it does not get the impressive efficiency like a box skimmer, it still helps you save a lot of time for installation and charges you a lower cost.

Use a fish net: This method will be the best choice if you are having a small pond. Instead of paying for extra stuff, you can clean your pond by yourself with a fish net. To do so, you should choose a fish net which is flexible to adjust its length and a big basket to contain as many leaves as possible.

Cleaning sludge bottom pond

Like leaves, it is dangerous for your fish if you let sludge stay for so long inside your pond. To clean it up, you should take the action as bellows:

  • Use natural bacteria: It is possible for you to buy any package of bacteria in your hometown. You would put an appropriate amount into the water. This will be able to remove any existence of leaves or even sludge from your fish pond without negative influence on your fish’s health.
  • Install a net: It is quite not the best option but it still works well with your fish pond to keep it clean. Rather than staying in the pond, the sludge would lie down on the net. This method does not require too much effort and cost; however, it could help to clean your pond at an acceptable level.
  • Get a pond vacuum: For a large-size pond, you should have a pond vacuum so that you can collect a huge amount of sludges or even trash inside your pond. Today, there are several models of pond vacuum suitable for your own preference and budget.

Best way to clean a pond

Each method would have certain advantages and disadvantages depending on your own view. However, among various common methods, using a pond vacuum would be the best option for you when you need to tidy your fish pond. 

It can be referred to as the most modern method to make your pond cleaner in recent years. You will have a chance to choose your favorite ones among different sizes and types of pond vacuum.

Together with a pond vacuum, it is easier for you to remove all negative stuff in the deepest spots of your pond. Compared to other devices, it has the ability to operate at a strong level. Thus, even the hardest objects might be collected by this vacuum quickly. Besides, some pond vacuums also give you a chance to adjust its length flexibly thanks to a telescopic handle. 


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Final thoughts

It is not too complicated for you to clean up your fish pond without removing the water. First of all, it is very useful to understand the state and condition of your pond to get the suitable method. You should keep in mind that each method would have different impacts on your fish pond in both negative and positive respect. However, among those methods, cleaning with a pond vacuum would be considered as a best method for fish lovers recently.

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