Best Answers for Why Does My Fish Tank Smell

Some of the hygiene fish tanks smell disgusting, such as aroma or filthy dirt that is convenient or what some aquarists need to do? And why does my fish tank smell?

Besides, the fish aquarium smell is a bit mild. On the other hand, it will happen when you come across it nearby or while operating with the fish aquarium as well. This smell is savoury enough, which is recognized in the air or into your fish tank is signal stuff is bad.

From some previous complaints, the most popular disgusting smell we have known is ammonia and whiffs as well. Thus, we will move ahead some bad odours frequently derived from the fish aquariums, the root causes, and some effective ways to remove them. 


What Is The Fresh Fish Aquarium Like

In reality, we have no evidence related to normal scent for the freshwater tank since every aquarium is special, and people’s feelings can be different as well.

On top of it, here is the reason why we want to represent the smell of the clean water in the fish aquarium.

As usual, the fish aquarium water is clean. However, it can alter after the transformation of water which owns a dirt smell. In other words, it is like a hygiene lake in the autumn.

A green beautiful planted tropical freshwater aquarium with fishes

A green beautiful planted tropical freshwater aquarium with fishes

Besides, for some circumstances, the term could be utilized for illustrating the smell of hygiene water aquarium, or a watered garden, trim grass under rainy climate condition. However, it is not like stagnant inlets as well. The fish tank smells fishy could possess the fishy smell from other bacteria which are appeared in the tank. 

Why Do The Fish Aquariums Smell Disgusting

The smell in the fish aquarium can be tough to smell. On the other hand, these aquarium water stinks are not pleasant for us to experience as well. The disgusting odours in the fish aquariums can relate to some unexpected wastes. All of them are derived from untreated fish, the food scrap, or rotten water weeds.

At now, let’s follow us to find out some typical wastes below. 

Dead Fish

This reason is considered as the popular cause of the disgusting smell in the fish aquarium. On the other hand, when the odour is savoury enough for you can experience it into the air. Next, the stench is quite bad, while it is seen as a snail that died in the fish aquarium.

Besides, if the fish dies when you are not available, especially on the national holidays, it can create some terrible odour in your lovely room at all. Therefore, you need to recognize the stench. The fish died in a few days can lead to some problems before beginning decomposing.

Fish die in clear glass

Fish die in clear glass

In other cases, you can not recognize and see what happened in your fish tank even though you are still at home. Why? Because it is a bit tough to glance at in the fish aquarium, which is nearby planted with entire decoration. Thus, we highly recommend that you need to keep the fish aquarium empty and apply the fish tank deodorizer as well. 

Apart from it, when it comes to the tank-wise chop, all you need to handle is make a fish call for every time and keep track of fish regularly. Next, you should be careful with mortal bodies, which can float up steadily.

Another point that you should focus on is the dead fish will be floated up when the bones are heavy as well.

Lastly, users can not find out the fish is dead or missing a body. Thus, we suggest that you have to see outside of the fish aquarium since some fish could jump out if your aquarium is not equipped with the lid. 

The Food Scraps

You should not overfeed the fish since they can consume too much at the same time. In this case, you have to give your fish some food which they can complete in some seconds and take out of leftovers for a while.


Some bags floating in fish tank

Next, spreading uneaten stuff in the fish aquarium can lead to a disgusting smell when the wastes drop into the fish aquarium as well. As usual, the leftovers can be stuck regularly and develop into the bacteria. Lastly, it discharges the disgusting gases at all. Apart from it, while the wastes decay, they will release some odour, compared to the organic issues.

Last but not least, great hygiene and daily water alteration are the perfect ways to tackle this issue. Moreover, you could utilize the strong filter or scavengers such as catfish and plecos for handling the grime, which is stuck in the stinky fish tank.

Fish Scraps

Another cause that we would like to bring to you is the fish scrap. It is like Ammonia. However, the stench is quite mild, or the smell can be derived from unexpected scrap.

Thus, when you want to alter the water in the fish aquarium, your tank can be disgusting as well. Furthermore, the quality of the water is quite poor a lot. On the other hand, the fish tank will appear with some disgusting that can vanish while you alter the water by nearly 25%.

Dirty glass aquarium

Dirty glass aquarium

Next, the filter could also be another cause when it does not operate effectively. If you own the ammonia smell, we will suggest that you should redistribute the sizes of your fish aquarium to determine the problem. In this case, you must take into consideration for conveying a lot of fish into another aquarium. After that, guarantee that the filter can meet the fish aquarium dimension, hygiene the filter, or unclog inlets if possible. Besides, when you possess the substrate, the filters can be blocked up as well.

On top of it, the tap water can get some nitrates that you do not smell pleasant. The quantity of them can lead to some eyes and kidney issues to the fish as well. Moreover, too many nitrates with some light can result in algae development. Last but not least, another tip for you is to put some plants in the fish aquarium for cleaning the tank easily. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I stop my fish tank from smelling?

There are some solutions which can help you keep far away from the smelling as well. Here are some ways of how to get rid of fish tank smell such as:

Maintenance: When you want to take out of disgusting fish tank smells, we suggest that you should carry out the maintenance as soon as possible. 

Alter water frequently: Change the water up to 15% for several days. On the other hand, it can put more clean and freshwater into your fish tank during taking out of the disgusting water.

Put some carbon filters: When you do not know how to tackle this issue, please put some particular component into your filter to prevent the unexpected fish tank stinks. Last but not least, it is a temporary solution to avoid the foul smells in your fish tank. 

Why does my fish tank smell like rotten eggs

When your lovely fish tank smells like rotten eggs, it proves that users own severe bacteria, unstable chemical additives, and some issues related to aquarium filter as well. On the other hand, the climate condition or environment can be detrimental to your fish's health. Thus, all you need to do is keeping track of them when you identify some unexpected problems.

This case is similar to the fish tank smells like sewage as well.

Why do I have a strong odor down there
Don’t worry about it anymore. Because you can be affected by some bacteria disorder. In some cases, the yeast infection can cause it for you. Therefore, fishy odor can be a part of the popular symptom in this circumstance.

How do you get rid of algae in a fish tank
We will list some essential steps for you to remove the algae.
- Hygiene the gravel along with the siphon for taking out of scrap and avoiding fish tank smells like sulfur
- Hygiene the fish tank’s filter. Clean it with freshwater and be cautious not to use the soap as well.
- Add more water with a good filter and powerhead as well.
- Decrease feeding your fish with the tiny amount for a day.
- Substitute the bulbs frequently.
- Utilize a nitrate cutter. Because nitrate is the main food origin for algae. On the other hand, it can result in the appearance of algae in your smelly fish tank.
- Taking out of the phosphates.
- Stop using fertilizers and other substances.
- Check your fish tank frequently and carry out the maintenance when needed.

Is it normal for fish tank to smell
Since the food breaks into other pieces, or it can discharge some gases which lead to unexpected odour as well. From that, the smell will be stronger compared to untreated food a lot. Thus, we highly recommend that you should check your fish tank regularly.

 Next, cleaning the filter and utilizing the gravel vac could be the perfect ways to take out of some traces for fish stuff decay as well as the fish tank smells musty.

Some Vital Tips For Decreasing The Disgusting Smell

Pumping water out of the aquarium

Pumping water out of the aquarium

In this section, we will show you some beneficial tips which can eliminate the odour in your fish tank.

Cleaning the gravel in the fish aquarium: When you own the gravel filter, unconsumed food and fish scrap must appear in the bottom and lead to a smell.

Remove the algae from your fish tank by utilizing the scraper: Even though it can affect your sight of fish tank, some algae is a circumstance of the bad quality tank or could result in other smells.

Alter the water for decreasing the odour in the fish aquarium: Try to alter around 25% amount of water along with the hose and substitute it with the fresh one which could be dealt with some chemical substances as well.

Eliminate some fish from your aquarium: When you possess a lot of fish in the aquarium, it may lead to some problems. Therefore, you need to distribute the space for swimming a lot.

Alter the cartridges in the filter: Examine it carefully and ensure that you have a suitable filter which is meet your tank’s dimension. Next, you could replace it with a new one.

Examine the degrees of nitrate or ammonia in your aquarium by utilizing a kit from the pet shop: On the other hand, when some degrees are quite high, please take your action by altering the water to recover the good aquarium as well.

Put some snails and other stuff which feed with decaying issue: When you do it, it can assist you in keeping your fish aquarium hygiene.


After reading our article, we hope that you could expand your horizon about your fish tank or how to treat some problems related to the odour or disgusting smells as well. Last but not least, if you want to find out more interesting things ahead, please pay more visits to our site. Thank you!

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