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How To Choose The Best 29 Gallon Fish Tank Stand


Enter your tYou will not want to skip these tips if you’re going to have a 29 gallon aquarium. The best 29 gallon fish tank stand is waiting for you, and you will figure out which is the one after reading this.

Owning a 29 gallon fish tank stand is important because only the best 29 gallon aquarium stand can protect your fish tank safely, as well as offering extra advantages that no table or other furniture in your house can compare to.

Following is the updated review about best 29 gallon fish tank stand in 2021, and stay with us still the end, you will find a lot of tips to discover which is the best 29 gallon aquarium stand for your own fish tank.


Best 29 Gallon Fish Tank Stand In 2021

1. Imagitarium Brooklyn Metal Tank Stand, 29 Gallons

Imagitarium Brooklyn Metal Tank Stand, 29 Gallons
Product details:

Brand: Imagitarium

Color: Black 

Material: Metal

Dimensions: 30 x 12.5 x 29.5 inches

Weight: 19.8 Pounds

The first product that we want to spring to you is Imagitarium Brooklyn. This plant creates a wide range of leading fish tank stands for various fish aquarium dimensions. The 29 gallon fish tank stand is among the trustworthy versions that can meet the clients’ requirements.

When it comes to the texture of this product, it is built from the sustainable steel alloy that turns the fish tank stand stronger or last longer. Thus, it could tolerate the weight of around 29 gallon aquarium along with the water. 

On top of it, some buyers tend to enjoy the fish tank stand since its long-lasting substances utilized can take the most advantage for a long period than other wooden fish tank stand. Next, the fish tank stand arrives along with the black complete and state of the art texture, which can seem wonderful at your lovely home, company, and other somewhere else you like to put it. Lastly, this version requests the assembly after the shipping stage.

However, we highly recommend that you should stay calm as well. Since this version is quite convenient for assembling and does not require any specific tools at all. 

The main features

- This 29 gallon stand is manufactured from long-lasting, sturdy steel or other stable construction materials as well.

- This fish aquarium stand can represent some alteration feet for controlling it easily before you put more some tank.

- The texture is modern and created along with the black complete.

- It can be perfect, along with some terrarium or other fish tanks.

- This version is supported along with some wide ranges of dimensions for meeting your demands or the dimension of your fish aquarium.

- The assembly process is requested based on the delivery as well.

2. Ameriwood Home Laguna Tide 29-37 Gallon Aquarium Stand, Espresso

Ameriwood Home Ollie & Hutch Laguna Tide 29-37 Gallon Aquarium Stand, Espresso
Product details:

Brand: Ameriwood Home

Color: Espresso

Material: Engineered Wood

Dimensions: 15.69 x 31.63 x 30.06 inches

Weight: 50 Pounds

Ameriwood Home Laguna Tide is considered the excellent version that you need to focus on at this time. This 29 gallon aquarium stand has a good look as well as high-class quality components. On top of it, this product represents the traditional Espresso Fish tank stand, which can take up the salt water and fresh one tanks around 37 gallons.

Besides, it can help you maintain the fish food, nets, and water solution stuff behind the dual closed doors as well. When it comes to usage, you can make the best use of double side open shelves or lower one shelf for showing up some pictures, home internal decoration, and other interesting collections.

Last but not the least, this version like Ameriwood Laguna Tide Fish tank stand is the fabulous alternative for you. This one will request you for assembly based on delivery as well. 

The main features

- This product can carry your room with a sedentary life. Thus, you can be interested in taking the most advantages of this one a lot.

- This fish tank stand can keep the aquarium dimensions, which stretch to 37 gallons.

- Double cabinet doors can conceal the huge shelf for maintaining the fishnets, scraps as well as some aquatic solution stuff.

- It owns three open drawers that can keep and record the pictures, items, collections, and other related things.

- The middle Espresso complete seems fabulous along with some pattern from the classical to a state of the art time.

- It is produced from the MDF lamination or other particles as well.
There are two persons who are compulsory for assembling this product very fast and conveniently.

- The assembly sizes are about: 30 1/16"H x 31 5/8"W x 15 11/16"D

3. Imagitarium Preferred Winston Tank Stand, 29 Gallons

Imagitarium Preferred Winston Tank Stand, 29 Gallons
Product details:

Brand: Imagitarium

Color: Espresso

Material: Wood

Dimensions: 12.5 x 30 x 29.5 inches

Weight: 23.6 Pounds

This Imaginarium preferred Winston fish tank stand is manufactured from the sturdy, pinewood as well. In other words, this one can represent even the espresso stain complete. Moreover, the Imagitarium fish aquarium tank could boost up the feat below as well as offers the ample record for other your vital device.

Apart from it, when it comes to the alternated internal shelf, this one is the other big plus and extra rewarded of this strong and stable fish aquarium stand as well. What turns it to become a perfect product which is deserved to purchase is that this product can be very convenient for assembling. Therefore, it is extremely suitable for the amateurs who do not possess lots of time or realistic skill for assembling the fish tank aquarium at all.

Besides, this 29 gallon fish tank stand is vacant along with different dimensions; this fish aquarium stand can offer a strong platform that fits both your demands and your fish tanks as well. The appearance of this version is a bit attractive and fascinating. Next, this one can mix along with the internal home decoration as well as developing to your fish aquarium very well.

Lastly, it is also a fabulous product which can help people who possess an undistributed floor. Some users can put it into the pocket because this one is user-friendly. 

The main features

- This version is a fabulous and alluring way to display the good look of your fish tank and other terrariums as well.

- It is made from the sturdy frame for keeping more the sustainability

- The alternated shelf can be suitable for making the best use of the handy storage or record at all.

- It is full of espresso stain complete and supports the fish aquarium until 29 gallons.

4. Aquatic Fundamentals 102102, Metal Aquarium Stand

Aquatic Fundamentals 102102, Metal Aquarium Stand, Classic Scroll Design
Product details:

Brand: Aquatic Fundamentals

Color: Black

Material: Metal

Dimensions: 30.3"L x 27.8"H x 12.5" W

Weight: 15 Pounds

The other version that we would like to invite you to visit is Aquatic Fundamentals and Metal Aquarium Stand, Classic Scroll Design. This 29 gallon fish tank stand is manufactured from the tailor-produced for the thin fish aquariums as well. Moreover, this fish aquarium stand is particularly created along with the high-class quality material for lengthening your usage period at all. In other words, the steel alloy version possesses a fabulous powder coated complete and can withstand for moisturizing or saturating as well.

When it comes to the structure of this aquatic fundamental and metal aquarium stand, it is compatible along with distributing the aesthetics for your beautiful fish aquarium. As a result, this one could not deprive a lot of space and can be convenient for assembling at all.

On top of it, some tools which you want to possess are supported along with the package of this 29 gallon stand, compared to other 29 gallon fish tank stands.

Finally, this version can be harmonious, along with the traditional appearances that discriminate from the wide range of different fish aquarium stands on the current market at this moment. The black color of this fish tank stand can be suitable for some kinds of fish tanks at all.

The water-resistant stand can be compatible with a finish coater components and is constructed from the thick fiber board as well.

The main features

- This product could be saturated and moisturizing endurable the fish tank furniture along with the complete coated powder.

- It is available for assembling along with some stuff that you can request at all.

- The traditional scroll texture can make you allured or attractive as well.

- The metal fish tank stand sizes are around 30.3"L x 27.8"H x 12.5" W, and the aquarium is not supported.

5. Aquatic Fundamentals Metal Aquarium Stand (29 Gallon, Black)

Aquatic Fundamentals 102102, Metal Aquarium Stand, Classic Scroll Design
Product details:

Brand: Aquatic Fundamentals

Color: Black

Material: Metal

Dimensions: 30.3"L x 27.8"H x 12.5" W

Weight: 15 Pounds

The next model that you need to care about is Aquatic Fundamentals Metal Fish Aquarium Stand (29 gallons, black). On the other hand, this one conveniently creates its way on the outstanding position of our list on the market due to its sleek texture as well as the lightweight movability. Next, the fish tank stand can be suitable for intangible home internal decors at all. Moreover, it can assist the fish tank weight with a lot of water, fish aquarium devices, and so on.

On top of it, it is very beautiful since it cannot block some stuff along its way because it is a bit porous as well.

Another special function that we would like to bring to you is the fact that you could pick up from the grey to back color. In other words, some of the fish tanks stand usually arrive along with the perfect sturdy color. Therefore, you could have a wide range of colors to choose from. Most of them are quite perfect at all. No matter which color you could select, you can obtain the s-shaped style by keeping moving the fish tank stand thoroughly.

When it comes to the complete powder onto this 29 gallon fish tank stand, it can offer you the perfect water-endurable contact for protecting you from any rust or corrosion as well.

Besides, when your fish tank stand could not be broken down, it is a wonderful peace for you to stay calm about the rusty problems. Last but not the least, the fish tank stand could be sturdy, long-lasting, and can withstand a few years later. 

The main features

It is convenient for assembling.

This fish tank is compatible, along with the array of internal home decoration.

It possesses the powder-coated complete for putting more saturation endurance.

Q&A For Choosing The Best 29 Gallon Fish Tank Stand

Do you need a 29 gallon aquarium stand?

Totally yes. A 29 gallon aquarium will weight around 330 pounds, and you will not want to destroy any table or furniture in your house with that heavy tank.

Instead, finding the best 29 gallon fish tank stand can easily uphold that 330 pounds aquarium. The 29 gallon stand that has storage in it is a plus as well. You can store fish food, fish tank equipment and maybe some other little stuffs of yourself right in the stand. Also, the tank appearance could be even better if you pick a fit stand for it.

What is the best size for 29 gallon fish tank stand?

A 29 gallon aquarium dimension usually is 30” L x 12” W x 18” H. Some manufactures make the stand with various size and shape to fit with other tank size like for 30 gallon tank as well, so you better check out the dimension of the fish tank stand first before buying to make sure it fits your aquarium.

The next factor you need to care about is the height of your 29 gallon fish tank stand. We’ve recommended in choosing best aquarium stand tutorial that 30 – 36 inches will the the perfect height for an aquarium stand, but in real life, it’s can be a little bit different based on your stand design.

29 gallon aquarium stands are divided into high and low versions, along with other features. Therefore, your tank might stay in the low space which is perfect if you love to active on the ground, or in a up high position that in your vision while you’re standing.

In conclusion, we recommend you the number, but the best 29 gallon fish tank stand will be the one having the height that looks harmonious with your tank. 

What material is good for 29 gallon fish tank stand?

Among particleboard, plywood and metal as tank stand material, you can go with particleboard or metal for a better road with your fish tank.

Particleboard is a material that has a cheaper price compares to all the 29 gallon aquarium stands from other materials. So if you have a tight budget or just don’t want to spend a lot of money in this equipment, choose particleboard for your 29 gallon fish tank stand. Plus, MDF aquarium stand is usually easy to set up, even beginner can work well in building it.

Meanwhile, metal aquarium stand is strong and durable. The most common metal for making a fish tank stand is stainless steel. Using 29 gallon fish tank stand made from this material, you will not need to worry about rusty and deformation in times. The metal fish tank stand is not affected by moisture as much as other wood aquarium stand, and it expresses the modern look as well.

What other functions do you need in 29 gallon fish tank stand?

We’ve talked about the stand’s advantages, and storage is one of the most useful function for anyone choosing a 29 gallon fish tank stand.

There are a lot of different designs for the storage in a 29 gallon aquarium stand. Like it can have more or less shelves, or mix between opened and closed compartment that makes it more unique. 29 gallon tank stand that have a hole to keep the electric cables is also a factor to consider.

In addition, a storage will be even better if your tank have a pump. You can set up the pump system and place it in the storage. 29 gallon aquarium stand that does not have the back piece to support the air to go through is perfect for an aquarium with a pump. That means you can help cooling down and protect your pump when it’s working inside the fish tank stand.

Should you care about the 29 gallon fish tank design?

Your aesthetic side sometime matters more to you than how you use a product, but you should not let the design affects your 29 gallon fish tank stand functionality.

If you have a lot of things to store, make sure your stand look beautiful but still have enough space for all of that. In case you have a pump, then a 29 gallon aquarium stand without door or the backboard will be better.

You can also think about how it looks like after you used the storage, the version that has door can help your stand look tidy, and the no-door version can turn into a display shelf if you decorate it.


One again, size, material, and functions are some most important factors to help you find out which is the best 29 gallon fish tank stand for you. We hope you can apply all these tips and let your aquarium stay with the most perfect stand for it. In the end, please choosing carefully so that all your effort and money will worth it.

Happypetpets always bring the useful information to help you taking care and spreading the love to your fish. You can share this to anyone you know that might need support like you. In case you have some more question about 29 gallon fish tank stand, just ask us and we will answer it as soon as possible.

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