Little Known Ways to How To Lower/ Raise Ph In Aquarium Naturally

If the pH level in aquarium changes suddenly, it will cause a big, even fatal problem for your fish. That’s why know how to lower, raise pH in aquarium is really important for all fish keepers. There are lots of reasons that make the pH level up or down that you should know to choose the right solution for your fish tank.


What Is Ph And It's Effect To Your Fish

What is pH? pH means power of hydrogen, a value that shows how acidic or basis your aquarium on a pH scale of 0 – 14.

The pH level can be tested by using a litmus to visualize the pH scale result:

  • If your fish tank water is more acidic, its pH value will be lower than 7: The litmus color changes to hot tone color such as red, orange, etc. based on how acidic it is
  • If your aquarium has basis (or alkaline) water, the pH value will be higher than 7: The litmus color changes to cold tone color such as blue, purple, etc. based on how basis it is
  • Pure water will have a neutral pH level at 7: The litmus color will change to green
pH color chart for aquarium

pH color chart for aquarium

Suitable Ph Color Charts For Your Fish

Freshwater pH color chart: Freshwater fish love to live in the water that has pH level at around 6.5 to 8, best is 7. Therefore, the ideally freshwater pH color chart is from lime green to dark green. It’s good for freshwater tropical fish and betta.

Other species pH color chart

  • Gold fish: Should keep in their own tank with a pH of 7.5
  • Amazonian fish (neon tetras, angelfish, etc.): You should maintain the pH level of 6.5 – 6.8
  • Mollies and swordtails: They will be happy with pH at 7.2 – 7.5
  • African cichlid: They need a pH of 8.2 and up to stay healthy
  • A community of various tropical fish: A pH of 6.8 - 7.2 is ideal for your aquarium

Why You Should Care About Ph Level

How high alkaline water harm your fish: Basis water causes harm to your fishes’ skins and gills, as it burns the skin and brings other health issues that leads to serious vulnerable for your fish. You should check the pH level in aquarium immediately if you see your fish dart back and forth.

How high acid water harm your fish: Acidic water makes your fish create more mucous. Young fish is more sensitive to acid and high level of acid can kill the fish eggs. You can check these symptoms like fish is gasping or having hyperplasia to know if your aquarium is too acidic.

High acid water can kill fish eggs

High acid water can kill fish eggs

Will pH level affect anything else: Not only your fish but other species and compounds in your aquarium, as well as yourself and family can be affected by pH level.

What Causes High Ph In Aquarium

  • Calcium-rich rocks, stones and other materials can be dissolved to the water
  • Aquatic plants can take CO2 and nitrates out, which makes the water more basis
  • The filter is malfunctioning, cannot filter fish waste or leftover food
  • Using tap water contains a lot of metals and alkaline compounds makes natural pH up
  • Aerating your aquarium makes the carbon dioxide disappear

What causes low pH in aquarium

Best Ways Of How To Lower, Raise Ph In Aquarium

1. How Do I Adjust The Ph In My Aquarium?

There are several ways of adjusting pH in aquarium, including add more natural materials or use products (such as using API pH down to lower pH level).


You can adjust pH level in aquarium with API test kit

You should adjust the pH when setting your aquarium, before introducing any aquatic creatures to your tank. Also, test the pH level regularly to keep it balance and adjust timely.

Use API pH up or API pH down is an easier way to lower, raise pH in aquarium, especially for beginners. You can choose the API with pH level you want to maintain the fish tank’s pH needed.

2. How Do I Lower My Ph Level?

Use peat moss for aquarium. It’s the best way to make pH down aquarium. Peat moss for fish tank contains tannins that can lower pH level. Refill as needed to keep aquarium pH at the level you want.
Decorate your aquarium with driftwood. Another safely way to decrease pH level in water is using driftwood. Like peat moss, driftwood has tannins to lower pH level in your fish tank. Use the right amount for your tank’s size.
Add reverse osmosis (RO) water. This type of water is filtered out some contaminants like metal, which helps lowering pH level and maintain it stably.
Does vinegar lower pH in water? Adding acid substances like vinegar will affect the pH level, but it will not cause a big change or be good for long term. You can use vinegar to adjust pH because it’s acidic, hence, still can be more alkaline if you mix it with water.


Use driftwood to safely lower pH level

3. How To Make Natural Ph Up

Choose the suitable substrates. Crushed coral or dolomite gravel are the calcium-rich material that work well for how to make natural pH up in your aquarium. They can slowly dissolve into water and buff the pH level overtime.

Change fish tank water frequently. The more pollutants like decaying food and fish waste in water is, the more level of pH will drop. Do water change to keep the suitable water quality for your fish.

Does baking soda raise pH in water? You can use baking soda to raise the pH level really quick, but need to do it regularly because the result also disappears quickly.

4. How Do I Lower The Ph In My Freshwater Aquarium

With a freshwater aquarium, it’s better if you can make your fish acclimate with the pH level. People are likely trying to adjust the pH level in their freshwater fish tank to match with the fish’s ideal requirements. If you are in that team, then you can choose those methods above.

pH level is truly important for water inhabitants, and how to lower, raise pH in aquarium is necessary for all fish keepers. We hope you take the proper method and execute it well to keep your fish healthy, and happy.

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