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Best Fish Tank Stand: Learn These Tips To Get Yourself

best fish tank stand

Aquarium stands can be in various designs that match your aesthetic but if you don’t follow these advice to choose the best fish tank stand that suits your tank, it might be useless.

Once you decide your fish tank size, it’s a must to prepare other matching accessories to support the tank. Beside those little things for decorating, you need to care about the equipment that helps carrying the tank – a fish tank stand. If you can’t choose a right stand, your fish may lose their home.

Actually, picking the best aquarium stands for your fish tank is not that hard if you know the tips below, we also offer the best choice to match your tank size. Let’s find out the best fish tank stand for your fish’s house.


Each tank size will need a different stand size to fit in. There are some best fish tank stands that can support various dimensions of the aquarium, but some others can only go with a specific type only like a tall or long tank. Now take a look, maybe you will want to get one of these following best aquarium stands.

Here Are The Best Fish Tank Stand In 2021

1. Best stand for 10 gallon fish tank: Ameriwood Home Flipper

Ameriwood Aquarium Stand-20 gallon hexagon aquarium stand
Product details:

Brand: Flipper

Color: Black Oak

Material: Engineered Wood

Dimensions: 15.69 x 25 x 28 inches

Weight Capacity : 10/20 Gallons

With small aquarium stand like 10 gallon and 20 gallon fish tank stand, there are some more tips to help you pick a suitable stand. Check out how to choose the best small fish tank stand, and ready to start your new journey with a small fish family.

Ameriwood aquarium stand is a great option for a 10 gallon fish tank stand. It is strong enough for a small aquarium, and can uphold the 20 gallon fish tank as well. Compared to other stands that have the same capacity, Ameriwood stands out the most with many features.


- Able to widen the upper shelf for better weight distribution

- Detailed and understandable setup instruction

- Have shelves to store the equipment

- Its material is particle board


Have many details, can be a little bit hard if you’re assembling for the first time

Paint layer might fall out if it’s scratched

2. Best stand for 20 gallon fish tank: Imagitarium Newport Wooden Tank Stand

Imagitarium Newport Wooden Tank Stand - for 20 Gallon Aquariums
Product details:

Brand: Imagitarium

Color: Black

Material: Wood

Dimensions: 24.75 x 12.75 x 30.25 inches

Weight capacity : 180lbs(20 gallon)

Imagitarium Newport Wooden Tank Stand is one of the best fish tank stand options as a 20 gallon fish tank stand. It has a simple and tidy design with the dark color of the wood, which will be easier to match with your furniture. You can store things on the shelves beneath as well.


- Neat and simple design

- Easy to setup

- Have storage space

- Can adjust the level


- Slightly tend to be unsteady

- Bulky wood with some flaws

3. Best stand for 29 gallon fish tank: Coralife Designer Biocube Stand

Product details:

Brand: Coralife

Color: Black

Material: waterproof materials

Dimensions: 21.5 x 20.5 x 29.5 inches

Weight Capacity: 29/32 Gallon

Without being too big or too small, 29 gallon fish tank stand is kind of a popular size for every beginner. For now, how to choose the best 29 gallon fish tank stand is all you need left to finish the building fish tank task. There are other options for 29 gallon tank stand as well so don’t forget to take a look and pick a fit fish tank stand.

If you want a strong and beautiful 29 gallon fish tank, the Coralife stand could be the best fish tank stand that fits this size. With black design that has a glass door for opening, as well as a place on the top back to hold the cable, you should consider getting this stand for your aquarium.


- Fitting perfectly for biocube tank

- Has shelves for storage

- Electric cable holder

- Moisture-resistant material


- Need to assemble correctly for all the pieces

- Small back plate and might need to glue for better support

4. Best 40 Gallon Fish Tank Stand: Imagitarium Brooklyn Metal

Imagitarium Brooklyn Metal Tank Stand, 40 Gallons
Product details:

Brand: Imagitarium

Color: Black

Material: Steel

Dimensions: 36.5 x 18.5 x 29.5 inches

Weight Capacity: 40 Gallons

With this fish tank stand, you don’t need to worry about uneven floors or how to set it up. Imagitarium have many different shapes and sizes with black, modern design for long term use with any type of your aquarium, which is great for a 40 gallon fish tank stand.


- Easy to set up

- Lower pricey

- Strong and durable thanks to solid steel structure

- Able to adjust the feet for leveling


- Have many details, can be a little bit hard if you’re assembling for the first time

- Paint layer might fall out if it’s scratched

5. Best Fish Tank Stand 75 Gallon: Aquatic Fundamentals Aquarium

Product details:

Brand: Aquatic Fundamentals

Color: Black

Material: Wood

Dimensions: 49.37 x 19.37 x 28.25 inches

Weight Capacity: 75 Gallons

For 75 gallon aquarium stand, we highly recommend this stand from Aquatic. It will meet your requirement for nearly every feature. Elegant and adjustable design to suit all of your tank shape, yet still strong and has high quality.


- Best for 75 gallon aquarium stand, but can bare up to 90 gallon tank

- Elegant and simple design

- Huge space for storage

- 2 front doors for opening


- Higher costly

- Doesn’t have shelves

- Multi pieces setup for top and bottom

Tutorial On Choosing The Best Fish Tank Stand

As what we have mentioned earlier, the visual of the aquarium stand can base on your taste if you decide to custom one or some available fish tank stands catch your eye. Here are things you need to focus on for choosing the best aquarium stands.

Where You Can Get The Best Fish Tank Stand From

1. Common fish tank stands with cheap price on pet store or online market

The aquarium stands you can get from almost every pet store are usually made of MDF, known as particle board. These cheap aquarium stands are quite simple in both design, and function, since they want to reduce the cost as much as possible.

This low-price small fish tank stand might be a choice for the best aquarium stand if you have a tight budget and a small size aquarium. It will work better as a 10 gallon fish tank stand and less, with a small freshwater tank or non-sump fish tank.

This type of fish tank stand won’t last long if it has to bear a huge weight or be affected by the sump you added in, so make sure you only choose it if it’s the one. Otherwise, all of the effort and money you put on the aquarium might disappear.

2. Quality fish tank stands from popular brands that usually go in set

Once you buy a full kit to set up your new fish tank, it will include the fish tank stand. It can be from a set or bigger brands in the market. This type of aquarium stand has a better design with some extra features, for example, shelves to storage.

It is made of wood or aluminum metal frame, sometimes using stainless steel as well, and created by manufacturers that specialize in making stands. Hence, the best fish tank stand from this source will be stronger, plus more suitable for your fish tank.

3. High-end expensive fish tank stand customized for your requirement

These custom aquarium stands are the best quality ones for your fish tank. They have unique designs, due to your aesthetics, and extra function for your needs also.

Custom fish tank stands are typically the best fish tank stand for those who have experience in maintaining a fish tank, or ready to spend a lot for this.

4. DIY fish tank stand based on your ability

A DIY aquarium stand can be the fittest one that meets all your budget, needs and skills. You can search some DIY fish tank stand plans and designs to make it your own. Try “How to build a fish tank stand” on Youtube or “DIY aquarium stand” on Pinterest and there you go.


There are plenty of ideas for DIY aquarium stand on Internet

There is no limit for size, type, material or any feature for the aquarium stand. You can do whatever you want to create the best fish tank stand to serve your fish’s place.

Things You Need To Notice To Choose The Best Fish Tank Stand

Beside all the types of fish tank stands, here are six elements you should consider to find the best aquarium stand for your aquarium.

1. Fish Tank Size, Shape And Weight

You must collect all the specific numbers of your fish tank, especially the tank dimension and its weight to choose the best fish tank stand.

When your fish tank is filled, it is much heavier. Think about 1 gallon of water weighing around 8.54 pounds, plus the wood, gravels, decoration items in the tank, you must be sure to choose a strong and durable fish tank stand enough to hold it.

The filled weight of a 10 gallons fish tank is 111 pounds, 29 gallons fish tank will weigh 330 pounds, and if you want a 125 gallons fish tank, the weight is up to 1400 pounds.

The tank shape is also important because you should choose a best aquarium stand that has a similar shape. It can be rectangular, bow-shape front, etc. and all these designs are available for your choice.

2. Material Of Your Best Fish Tank Stand

The most popular materials for fish tank stand are particle board (MDF), plywood, and metal (usually aluminum and stainless steel). Which of these three kinds of materials you should choose is based on your fish tank type, and weight.

MDF fish tank stands: Particle board fish tank stand is cheaper, and also weaker. Therefore, particle board fish tank stand will be ideal to use as a 10 gallon aquarium stand, or other small size aquariums.

Plywood fish tank stands: Plywood fish tank stand is more quality, and durable compared to the MDF fish tank stand. If you go with a heavier tank, usually medium size fish tank, plywood fish tank stand is a safe choice.

This material works well as a 20 gallon aquarium stand, or 29 gallon aquarium stand. Most brands use plywood to create their products, so you will have various options for quality aquarium stands.

Metal aquarium stands: In case you go with an even heavier tank, 55 gallon fish tank and up, metal might be the most suitable option as the best fish tank stand for large tank. Metal choices like steel fish tank stand is more durable, and able to uphold heavier fish tanks than the other two materials.

We highly recommend choosing metal if you are going to buy a reef tank stand. Reef tanks not only cost more weight, but also have higher humidity that can affect your fish tank stand in the long term if they are wood tank stands.

Hence, metal fish tank stands will be the best candidates for 55 gallon fish tank stand. Other bigger sizes like 75 gallon tank stand, and 125 gallon aquarium stand should also be from metal.


Particleboard, plywood and metal are the most popular material for the best fish tank stand

3. Where You Place The Fish Tank Stand

In the situation that you have a really small fish tank and a flat surface to keep it, you will not need a fish tank stand. Otherwise, you should have an aquarium stand to deal with the weight and keep your tank safe. It also means that you need another space to place that best fish tank stand.

A good place to put the fish tank stand in must be flat, near the output, and the floor is strong enough to carry the whole tank. Sometimes, you might need to change the decoration in your house, to make a suitable space for your fish tank with stand that meets both durable and visual quality.

4. Opening And Storage For Best Fish Tank Stand

The opening can be on top of the stand, or in the front side of it. There will be different designs for opening so you can choose whichever type you want, as long as you can use it for the tank. One thing to notice, an acrylic fish tank needs extra support from the stand to bear its bottom part.

What makes the best fish tank stand special is its storage ability. Think about having a fish tank, you probably need lots of other equipment to maintain the tank and your fish’s living quality. Now with a fish tank stand, instead of finding other places to store those equipment, you can keep them right in the stand. That means it is easier to find, closer to the tank, and tidier as well when you have a fish tank with stand.

Each fish tank stand might have a different structure, like how many shelves and space inside it. If you use an aquarium sump filter, you can choose the design that has a place to hide the sump, usually the stand that has opening on top, just only need to make sure it still has space for other things.

Don’t forget to pick a best aquarium stand that has a wide opening for you to get the things, as well as a hole behind for all the cables.

5. How High Is The Fish Tank Stand

The recommended height of a best fish tank stand should be around 30 inches, if you put it at places like the living room, where it has a sofa or space to sit, and enjoy the tank’s view.

In case your stand stays in a room that you need to stand nearly every day to have a time with your fish, 36 inches will be the ideal height for your tank stand.

6. Simpler Is Better For Fish Tank Stand Set Up

You are reading this tutorial, so you might not have much experience in setting up an aquarium stand. That’s why choosing the easy setup stand is important, especially if you have to do all the work on your own, or might want to move your stand to a new place later.

Among all the fish tank stands, the metal one is harder to assemble, since it needs perfect fit with all the metal details, and obviously more complicated than screwing in wood. Small tank stand might be easier to build up but you still need to follow every step in the instruction.

Contents Update

1. 100 And 125 Gallon Aquarium Stand Best Option

For a fish tank with stand that is in a bigger size such as a 100 gallon aquarium stand or 125 gallon fish tank stand and up, choosing an available item cannot give you the best fish tank stand for these sizes.

If you are going to have an aquarium this big, we are glad that you have a huge interest in those lovely fish, and you might have experience in this case as well. Therefore, homemade fish tank stand (with the DIY 125 gallon fish tank stand and 100 gallon fish tank stand) or custom fish tank stands will meet your requirement better.

If you still wonder what could be the perfect fish tank and stand for you, we have a detailed guide to help.

2. Do I Need The Best Fish Tank Stand For My Fish

You might ask yourself “Do I need to buy a fish tank stand?” when starting a new fish aquarium.

And the answer is “Yes. Yes, you do”

Here are some advantages for getting the best fish tank stand:

  • You will have a beautiful base to hold your tank
  • All the equipment can be stored next to the tank
  • Your furniture can be safe from the tank weight
  • You can protect your fish tank better and longer

How and where to place your fish tank is also as important as when you choose the fish tank size, so you better plan it first to give your fish the safest home.


Picking the right fish tank stand is important because it will uphold your entire fish family, and save all the work you have done. With the tutorial for choosing aquarium stands and all the suggestions, we hope you can provide your fish the best fish tank stand.

If you have any questions, or need more help, feel free to contact and interact with us on this page. We are pet lover, and so do you. Happypetpets always bring you the useful information so that you can go easier to raising and spreading the love for your pet. 


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