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How To Choose The Best 10/20 Gallon Fish Tank Stand


A small fish tank is lighter than other sizes, so you only need to apply these tips when choosing the best 10 gallon fish tank stand or 20 gallon fish tank stand, and your fish’s house will be safe.

Starting with small size fish tank is a good choice for beginners. 10 gallon fish tank and 20 gallon fish tank need all the maintaining activities as others, and the equipment as well. You might think about getting a tank stand for your aquarium, but just take any product available without carefully checking about its size, and features can lead to a weak stand that your fish will not love.

You want all the best for your fish, so do us. That’s why we are providing you some best 10 gallon fish tank stand and 20 gallon fish tank stand, along with all the tips for you to get a clearer vision of which stand your fish tank will need.

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Best Answers for Why Does My Fish Tank Smell

why does my fish tank smell

Some of the hygiene fish tanks smell disgusting, such as aroma or filthy dirt that is convenient or what some aquarists need to do? And why does my fish tank smell?

Besides, the fish aquarium smell is a bit mild. On the other hand, it will happen when you come across it nearby or while operating with the fish aquarium as well. This smell is savoury enough, which is recognized in the air or into your fish tank is signal stuff is bad.

From some previous complaints, the most popular disgusting smell we have known is ammonia and whiffs as well. Thus, we will move ahead some bad odours frequently derived from the fish aquariums, the root causes, and some effective ways to remove them. 

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Best LED Lighting For Reef Tank for 2021: Ranked by Type And Price

Best LED lighting for reef tank

There is a whole new world underwater. Reef aquariums are colorful, serene, and delicately designed to give you the tour of a lifetime of underwater creation. However, keeping reef tanks is no child’s play. It has so many things that go into play to help you run a successful reef aquarium. Best LED lighting for reef tank is one of the vital components to keep a lively and healthy reef tank.

Best LED light on top.jpg

The glass aquarium tank with water plants and has a bright LED lamp on top

In this article, we are going to look at how you can get the best-LED lights for reef tanks in this market filled with so many similar products but different quality and functionality.

When faced with such a challenge, it is easy to have buyer’s remorse after buying what you thought was the best-LED lights for a reef tank.

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Best Practice: How to Lower Alkalinity in Reef Tank


You already have a little marine family in your house? Setting up a reef tank is not so hard for a beginner, but you might struggle with the maintaining task for that fish tank.
Not only cleaning the tank is important, but controlling the concentration of other substances in your tank is also necessary to maintain a good living environment for your fish health and growth.

By these ‘how to lower alkalinity in reef tank’ tips below, your fish is ready to live better.

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Best Nano Reef Tank 2021: Get All You Need About Nano Reef Tank

best nano reef tank

Over the years, we have seen a fantastic evolution in aquarium technology and what you can get. Aquarists can now keep a piece of the ocean that inspires peace and serenity in their lives. One type of aquarium that has gained popularity over the years is nano reef tanks. It also means that the market is flooded with nano reef tanks, and getting the best can be a hustle.

Most beginner aquarists wonder, are nano reef tanks hard to keep? What’s the best nano marine tank? What is the best reef tank? Well, you don’t have to be in the dark anymore.

In this article, we are going to answer all those questions, look at the best nano reef tank, and give you some insight to help you get what works best for you.

Video: Stunning Nano Reef Tank LOW COST

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Best Guideline: How To Start A Reef Tank Step By Step

how to start a reef tank step by step

Unlike any other fish lover that focuses on a freshwater fish tank, you might feel more interested in a marine aquarium. Therefore, a saltwater aquarium will be the most popular starting point for every marine tank beginner. But how about a reef tank, is that different from a saltwater tank, and how to start a reef tank step by step even for the very beginners?

Don’t need to worry since this following guide with cover your knowledge and tips for quickly setting a saltwater reef tank.

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Best Practice Guideline: How to Start a Saltwater Tank

How to start a saltwater tank

Has your heart fallen for a marine fish family? Prepare a saltwater aquarium is probably an excellent idea for you to welcome a brand new type of fish to your house. Unlike freshwater fish tanks, a saltwater aquarium basics will have some different features that you need to pay more attention to it.

Do you want to know how to start a saltwater tank, which kind of saltwater fish will suitable for beginners, how to maintain a salt water fish tank, or how to make the best things for a marine tank in the easiest way? Just read the following guide.

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How To Clean Old Aquarium Gravel: The Definitive Guide


Know how to clean old aquarium gravel in these best ways can help you to purify your fish tank substrate without hurting the good bacterias inside for your fish development.

One of the most essential things to care about a new fish tank is the substrate. Many people prefer gravel to set up a more beautiful scenery for their aquarium compares to other kinds of substrate materials.

Though, how important the gravel is in the fish tank can make lots of fish raising beginners confusing since people usually use gravel only for decoration. It has more great uses for fish development that could be affected if you don’t know how to clean old aquarium gravel in the right way.

No matter if you buy a new used fish tank or clean the tank you are using right now, this guide for how to clean old aquarium gravel can give the best care for your fish.

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Best Guideline: How To Reduce Ammonia In Fish Tank


If you are keeping some fish as your pet, you must know how dangerous it is when ammonia level in your fish tank is higher than needed. This article will show you how to reduce ammonia in fish tank in the best and easiest way.

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